Monitor, Analyze and Reduce the carbon footprint of your web services.

Askmaddi, the online platform to accelerate your sustainable digital transformation.

Monitor the carbon footprint of all
of your websites from a single platform.

→ Multi-account management
→ Domain analysis
→ Team management
→ Data consolidation by domain & industry

Automatically generate
reports and diagnostics.

→ Manual analysis (Impact/perf)
→ Automated analysis (Impact/Perf)
→ Batch processing (Impact/Perf)
→ Industry comparison & analysis
→ Exporting reports (.xls, pdf)

Identify and prioritize
optimization factors
for your websites.

→ Mapping key actions to optimize your websites
→ Priority scheduling algorithm
→ Key optimization factors per page
→ Progress index per page

Build your digital strategy
sustainably in the long-term
and enhance your achievements.

→ Manual & automated website indexation
→ Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly monitoring
→ Performance monitoring – global & focused
→ Management of targets, alerts & logs
→ Mailing list management for an integrated reporting

and communicate
your commitment online.

→ Carbon widgets to implement on your websites
→ Redirecting to a dedicated landing page
→ Online satisfaction marker
→ Data consolidation uses/engagement

Of course, we won’t…

…try too much to get you to watch this video. But for those who wish to discover more of Askmaddi interface and core features, you can do so here.

Askmaddi, partner of your sustainable digital transformation.

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We train your teams to the challenges of Green IT, and to easily get started with our software solution.

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We help your teams to run diagnostics and define your Green IT goals providing our industry benchmarks.

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